Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet Tips





I have been Reading this Amazing book by

Tosca Reno called

the “Start Here Diet.” It is very informative and I wanted to share a few helpful tips with you all.

Not only do we always wonder how long food is good for but also what are the staples when it comes to clean eating and what foods should we eat and how many times a day.

Check out these Great tips to keep you on track and to ease the anxiety of eating the right kind of foods to get the results that you want.

So what should people buy at the grocery store!  While this list is comprehensive I would suggest sitting down each week and designating a planning day.  Make your meal plan and grocery list at the same time then you only buy what you need for the week!  It takes the ease out of spending to much money and then foods won’t go bad because you plan on using them all. It’s a Win/Win situation!





Battling sugar cravings is torture!

Whether you quit sugar cold turkey or you slowly cut it out. There will be withdrawal symptoms guranteed!  A lot of times you have a headache, feel sluggish or in a fog!  I was Grumpy, irritable, had a bit of mental fogginess. Oh, and headaches.

It was sheer will power and the desire to change that got me through it.

But this chart is a great way for all of you visual learners out there to make some sense out of your cravings.  If you can distract yourself, make some green tea and get busy most of the time you can avoid the cravings!!!




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