Sugar (The Legal Cocaine)



It’s white, powdery and gives you a high. It’s legal and it’s practically in everything we consume. What is this addictive substance? It’s sweet, delicious, soothing Sugar.

Sugar can be addictive for a lot of people. (Like A LOT of people)   I am doing a lot of research on this and found, like abusive drugs, sugar causes a release of dopamine in the reward center of the brain


The problem with sugar and many junk foods is that they can cause massive dopamine release… much more than we were ever exposed to from foods found in nature.   For this reason, people who have a susceptibility to addiction can become strongly addicted to sugar and other junk foods.


Studies have found that…The “everything in moderation” message may be a bad idea for people who are addicted to junk food… because the only thing that works for true addiction is abstinence. This really hit home for me.


The more sugar people consume, the more sugar they need, until it spirals out of control into obesity, diabetes, chronic headaches, migraines, insomnia, ADD, and ADHD, anxiety, nervousness and a lot of other health problems.


Bottom Line: Because sugar causes a large release of dopamine in the brain, it can cause addiction in a lot of people.


Do you think that sugar addiction can be just as strong as drug and alcohol addiction?

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