Fight For The Life You Want

Straight from the heart of Sandra Maria Perez


Fight for the life you want. Even if it seems hopeless.

Fight for the body you want. Even when you are exhausted.

Fight for the Man you Love. Even if he’s willing to throw it all away.

Fight for the Future that you want. Even if you can’t see it right now.

Fight to be the Best parent you can be. Even when they are Driving you insane.


Fight to learn & Embrace your experiences. Even if they break you & turn your world upside down.

Fight to become the best version of yourself Even if you don’t feel like it right now.

FIGHT even if you feel like quiting.

Keep fighting.

Fight when it gets hard.


Fight through the Pain.


Fight through the heart break.


Fight through the tears.

Just Keep fighting.

No matter what.

Always keep going and keep fighting.

Your Life is worth it.


Straight from my Heart



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