Fight for Your Passion

472115_origFight for your Passion

You know why people who go after their dreams do what they do?

What makes it worth it to them?

Why do they reach their dreams while others perish without realizing their dreams.

Whats the Big Secret??

It Has to Be your PASSION! You have to Love it. It has to be what you are meant to do.

You are probably saying “Ok Sandra, that is all good. But how do I know I am meant to do it?”

You know you’re on purpose and meant to do big things when you love what you do so much that while you’re doing it money is not even on your mind.

You will get visions from an internal drive to create what feels right for you. That “knowing” of what you need to create goes hand in hand with a knowing of all sorts of things. Call it intuition, call it gut feeling, call it spidey senses. If you are meant for something bigger in this world, that knowing will keep speaking up and asking you for what it wants. So really, creating big things is not an option when it’s your destiny. At least, that’s what I’m pretty sure your spidey senses would tell you.

So if you want to Sing and you don’t have record Labels pounding down your door. Sing Anyway. Sing to anyone that will listen, sing to your dog or cat, sing to yourself. Just honor that passion to Sing.

You want to be a Writer. Then Write. Write even if no one will publish your book. Write because that gift was given to you to do.

You do what it is that Fuels you & wakes you up excited in the Mornings. If you feel like you have to build or create  something then Do It.

I know your saying, “Well I don’t  know how to do it.”

Well….LEARN. Find out what is required, Learn as much as possible and go out there and Do it.

It is possible you can get what you want if you want it, but you have to get into Action.

You have to be willing  to experiment.

You have to be willing to Fail & Succeed. You have to be willing to Fall & Get Back up as many times as it takes.

Be willing to build New Relationships with Like minded people. And limit your time with the negative Nancy’s.

This Dream is ALL ON YOU. YOU have to be WILLING to MAKE it HAPPEN.   No one is going to knock on your door and bring it to you on a sliver platter and say, ” Here is your dream manifested. Enjoy.”

Not going to happen. Sorry. It is going to take HARD WORK.

Is it going to be difficult. Heck YEA!!! But you know what… it is also going to be Life changing and SO WORTH IT.

So lets go out their and work our asses off to Make that Dream Possible.

Love, Sandra

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