Clean Eating Kitchen Makeover

Today I want to share with you some tips on cleaning out the junk out of your kitchen. Get rid of anything that will sabotage your Clean eating journey.

The right tools in the right places!
Each tool that you use on a daily and even mealtime basis should be kept close to the area where you prep your food.  I suggest having the following all in one drawer, plastic container, or cupboard for quick and easy access:


  • Paring knife
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Measuring cups
  • Snack size plastic bags
  • Sandwich Bags
  • Plastic 1 cup size reusable containers
  • Blender
  • Wooden Spoon or Spatula


Clean out Fridge and Pantry

Go to your Fridge and throw out or Give away anything a seasoned athlete would not eat. Throw out any lingering hidden, high sugar, high fat foods from your fridge and freezer.

Next go to the pantry and do the same. If those Oreo cookies keep calling your name, toss it out.

Stepping into your kitchen shouldn’t be anxiety producing!  Make it easier on yourself to make health choices by eliminating the temptation of poor choices or the hidden foods you can’t resist.

Food Placement

Grocery stores are Geniuses when it comes to Food placement. Why do you think all the processed foods, high in Sugar and Fat are all Chest level. It makes it easy for you to grab and catches the attention of the kids, especially the one’s that are sitting in the cart. I have had my babies just grab stuff off the shelves has I walked by it, I didn’t even notice some of the things they grabbed until I got home and put away the groceries.(Surprise)

So lets use this technique for our kitchen.
When we stand in front of the fridge, we tend to grab whatever food that is easy and  fast to prepare and that “looks yummy.”  The healthy stuff, like fresh produce, we hide in the drawer that’s difficult to get to and even easier to forget! (I have thrown away bags of fruit and veggies because I forgot it was there.)

So when you get home I suggest that you unload your groceries, clean and display your fruit in clear plastic containers, snack bags or bowls.  Place berries and raw veggies at eye level.  You can even buy pre cut veggies if you don’t have time.
Arrange your greek yogurt near the berries and veggies.  Store cottage cheese nearby as well.  Place healthy whole foods at eye level near the front of the shelf. This would even make it easy for your kids to reach in and grab a healthy snack. My kids are always snacking on apples. grapes, berries, instead of chips and junk, when I did this. It is such a small adjustment,  but had a huge impact, health wise, for my family.







Now when you find yourself staring mindlessly into your fridge, you’ll see the stuff you should be eating!  It’s washed, cut, enticing and ready to go!



If you want some more tips and accountability and want access to our Eat clean Challenge groups. Apply here



Sandra Perez


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